Public relations is becoming an increasingly important in today’s world. You need to cultivate your brand image, and engage with your audience in anyway you can. You can bet if you aren’t on top of things, someone else will be. Good public relations is essential in today’s business climate.

As you work out good ways to communicate with your audience, and other consumers as well, it is a good idea to look to the Internet for inspiration. Many talented PR people share ideas through their blogs. You can learn what you need to about a variety of subjects related to public relations and communication online. There are even some great rising stars. We decided to look at some of the newer public relations bloggers. While there are plenty of great blogs that are older, this list features blogs that are not much more than 18 months old. Here are 50 up and coming blogs worth reading on the subject of public relations: (more…)

When you broach the academic subject of communications, you’ll find that it’s a very broad one. Communications impact every area of business and academia, and even if our specialty isn’t communications, we all need to be effective communicators in order to be successful in our chosen fields.

So, whether you’re pursuing a specialty in communications, or you simply want to improve your skills as an oral or written communicator, these 21 courses can help you. All of these courses in communications are free and they are offered by some of the foremost universities in the country.

  1. Communicating with Data: Use data communications to help explain, negotiate and report to other members of your organization.
  2. Competitive Decision Making and Negotiation: Learn to negotiate and make decisions in a competitive environment.
  3. Communication for Managers: Teaches writing and speaking skills necessary for a management position.
  4. Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching Seminar: This seminar gives students opportunities to hone business communication skills through activities.
  5. Advanced Managerial Communication: Advanced course in managerial communications. Learn to communicate with peers and subordinates in a business setting.
  6. Building and Leading Effective Teams: Communicate effectively within your team to help build them and lead them.
  7. Communication Skills for Academics: Learn to effectively communicate in an academic setting.
  8. Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation: A class in speaking in public from MIT.
  9. Language and Communication Essay: Learn to write persuasive and informational essays in this course from Western Governor’s University.
  10. Research, Writing and Oral Presentation: This course from Western Governor’s University will help you put together and present an effective presentation.
  11. Speaking and Critical Listening Skills: This course from MIT teaches you important listening skills as well as speaking skills.
  12. Effective Workplace Writing: Learn how to write effectively for the workplace, by exploring rhetorical awareness and user centered design of your documents.
  13. Using Internet Communications: This course from University of Massachusetts explores the use of the internet for communication and teaches methods of communicating professional through this medium.
  14. Language and Communication: Research: Learn principles of research and communications of research findings in this course from Western Governor’s University.
  15. Designing Technical Documents: This course can be helpful if you need to communicate through technical documentation. This course is offered by Carnegie Mellon University.
  16. Technology for Professional Writers: Learn the tools of the writing trade in this class from Utah State University. This course will help you ensure that you can employ all the latest technology in your writing to make it easier and faster as well as help you produce a more effective end result.
  17. Writing Mechanics: This course from Perdue refreshes your basic writing skills, including sentence structure and parts of speech and voice. Remember what it means to write in active voice? First person? This course refreshes your memory and improves your writing.
  18. Grammar: Another class from Perdue to help sharpen your writing skills, this class focuses on grammar.
  19. Punctuation: This course from Perdue refreshes your writing skills by over viewing punctuation. Punctuation is one of those subjects that we think we all fully understand; however, it can be confusing to remember when to use a comma versus a semicolon, etc. This course will help you remember the rules of punctuation.
  20. Visual Rhetoric: This course from Perdue focuses on rhetorical theories of visual and graphic displays of information. You will learn about working with color and designing slide presentations. In this course, you’ll learn to make presentations that are visually pleasing as well as informative.
  21. Professional Technical Writing: Sharpen your skills in writing technical documents with this course from Perdue.

    You can learn a lot about writing, creating presentations and public speaking just from taking these open courseware classes online.

As you can see, you’ll be learning from some of the best courses and schools in the country. Every person in academia and in business can benefit from sharp communication skills, so be sure to take advantage of these classes as a way to hone your own skills as a communicator.

Social media in present era has become tool to reach at consumers as well as friends through Internet. And the reach of Social Media is cross border; there you can make friendship even with person sitting at the capital of your rival country. Twitter even expanded its reach even to countries like Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and others. Below are mentioned some most famous social media sites.

  1. Facebook: It is a Social Networking site in operation from February 2004 and its ownership is in hands of Facebook, Inc. On the site a user can add friends, update his profile. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The website currently has more than 400 million active users worldwide.
  2. Myspace: It is a social networking website having its headquarters at Beverly Hills, California where they share office with its immediate owner, News Corp. Digital Media, owned by News Corporation. It became the most popular social media site in June 2006. However superceded by its closest competitor Facebook in April 2008. It has about 1,000 employees. The 100 millionth accounts on it were made on August 9, 2006 in the Netherlands.
  3. Twitter: Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allow  its user to sent out and read messages in form of text-based posts up to 140 characters as been shown on author’ s and in same time is sent to its subscribers known as followers. All users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, external applications or Short Message Service (SMS). It is absolutely free, yet there some charges are incurred over SMS services. The website presently has around 100 million users worldwide.
  4. Linkedin: It is a social media site with business approach in its operations and activities. The site was founded in December 2002 and started its operations from May 2003. It is primarily, is being used for professional networking. To the latest information LikedIn has about around 70 million registered users that have spread around 200 countries and regions world wide. The site too is available in languages like English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  5. Flixster: It is the prominent online destination for movie lovers around the globe as it has 30 million unique visitors per month and around 2 billion movie ratings. Along with its destination site Rotten Tomatoes it also operates other famous movie applications on Facebook, MySpace, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. The site is based at San Francisco, CA and was founded by Joe Greenstein in 2007.

Communication is a process of sharing information from one entity to another.  By definition communication is understood method by the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs occurs. Below are mentioned the free iPhone apps that too used for communication and remaining touch with each other.

  1. AIM: This application is very helpful to let you know to chat with your face book friends. Mobile AIM for iPhone and iPod touch was constructed to take advantage of the iPhone and iPhone UI. Its features include direct chat with facebook friends. More you can post your photos to your lifestream or comment on your Buddy’s photo or status. More you can configure multiple screen names and switch identities any time.
  2. Mobile Linked IM: It is a Multi IM client which only supports MSN and Yahoo but is expected to add AIM, GTalk, ICQ and QQ. It is a multi services instant messenger. It speaks to your IM servers directly and its speed is twice faster. And there no third party account is required you just needs to login and just continue further. It supports multiple account, it chat with friends, it change status and have multi language support.
  3. NimBuzz: This application lets you to talk with your friends on AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MY Space, Skype and Yahoo. It also provides VoIP calls through Wi-Fi. There are already 17 million users who are already enjoying Nimbuzz services.  And there is a very vast notification service s for you over there. You there are notified of chats, calls, voicemails, messages and files. It let you to save money on texting (SMS) and photo, music and video sharing (MMS) with Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz messaging. There are also many other features like free calling to online friends over 3G and Wi-Fi.
  4. Palringo:  It is an instant messaging client that lets you to use it like a walkie talkie, send images or just chat as according to your desire and wish. It works effectively with AIM, Gadu Gadu, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo. It is an award winning rich messaging client that lets you to send text, voice or photo messages for free irrespective of any social network in use. It support services like Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger ® (MSN),  AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! ® Messenger,  Google Talk ™,  ICQ ®, Jabber,  iChat and Mobile Me. You can also update your status message across all your messaging services from within Palringo too.
  5. Papaya Game Edition: A little bit of everything rolled into one application.  You can play games on it, make VoIP calls and chat with friends on AIM, GTalk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo.
  6. QQ: It is a stand alone instant messaging client which lets you to chat over different connectivity networks of the iPhone to find new friends, run multiple conversations and more. It is a version of Tencent QQ a sign-in panel modified to be more suitable for the iPhones.  QQ also provides other more interesting and useful features like horizontal panels, location information sharing, notices for offline messages, and the ability to switch skins by shaking the phone.
  7. TruPhone: Let you to call your friends through VoIP on MSN, Skype and Truphone.  There is also a version for second generation iPod Touches.

The online master of Communications program offers a wide scope of journalistic effectiveness in leadership roles by providing communication and conflict solutions in the demanding present day business world. Communication needs have permeated the organizational fabric where information technology needs are an integral part of relaying the corporate message either in-house or to the outside world.

The master of communication online program comprises subjects ranging from public relations, advertising, political campaigns, marketing and strategic planning. The online courses are offered mainly to qualified students from other colleges who have already gained the skills in their particular fields that they can combine with those of fellow learners to be versed on issues surrounding concepts of the art of public speaking and persuasive leadership.

Students are taught how to network with a wide array of people across the web so that they can forge ways to communicate with converging business and interaction issues while gaining an edge on how to solve crises in small and large organizations through public relations and effective leadership. The timetable for e-learners in this program is flexible with each individual student finding the appropriate time to do their homeworks often in the evenings or at night, separately from their jobs. The student files their specific area of interest in their applications so that they can be assigned model work congruent to the organization they aim to work with. Most online centers for higher learning like Gonzaga University know that communication is an influential persuasion and therefore they designate multilingual experts to guide the students through different areas of study.

Approaches to masters in communication program are in terms of the study of humanities and the way to handle the theories, conceptual methods in the science of communication, the diplomatic ways of the world and the leadership point of view. Funding for this program depends on the specific student needs. They may apply for scholarships which are relatively hard to get for this program. Federal loans are extended to all master and other undergraduate programs. Grants which come from the treasury as gifts to impoverished students are also accessible through complicated processes for residents of the United States. However, the best means to secure funding for an online course is through tuition benefits from media and market organizations that one is working in.

Top universities that offer master programs in communication are Hawaii Pacific University, Drexel University Online, West Virginia University, Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism and Quinnipiac University online. At Drexel University the program is offered to those with a Bachelor’s Degree from a similar field which might include all areas pertaining to communication from audio and audio visual to filing systems in an office.