Public relations is becoming an increasingly important in today’s world. You need to cultivate your brand image, and engage with your audience in anyway you can. You can bet if you aren’t on top of things, someone else will be. Good public relations is essential in today’s business climate.

As you work out good ways to communicate with your audience, and other consumers as well, it is a good idea to look to the Internet for inspiration. Many talented PR people share ideas through their blogs. You can learn what you need to about a variety of subjects related to public relations and communication online. There are even some great rising stars. We decided to look at some of the newer public relations bloggers. While there are plenty of great blogs that are older, this list features blogs that are not much more than 18 months old. Here are 50 up and coming blogs worth reading on the subject of public relations:

General PR Blogs

These are public relations blogs that cover a number of general subjects. Get general advice on PR, and learn more about basic techniques. These blogs are full of great tips, practical advice, and real life examples.

  1. Public Relations From A to Z Group PR: This blog, from a young professional’s PR agency, offers great insights on all things business PR.
  2. One Guy’s Journey: Plenty of interesting discussions on PR and other topics from this professional in the industry.
  3. PR at Sunrise: Musings on PR, including digital communication.
  4. PR in Pink: A look at the PR industry today, and interesting observations on what’s next.
  5. PR Diva: Perspectives on PR, and plenty of great tips and ideas.
  6. The PR Situation: A look at PR, and how it is present in all our lives.
  7. Message & Medium: This blog looks at getting your message out there — through different media.
  8. The Spin Within: Latest PR trends and ideas.
  9. The PR Coach: A blog launched to help you learn some valuable tips about public relations.
  10. PR And Other Deadly Sins: Great podcast on public relations subjects.
  11. Coming Up PR: Another podcast featuring PR news, ideas and tips.
  12. Mr. Media Training: Learn more about better PR through interesting real life examples and gaffes.
  13. Pro PR Tips: Simple and effective PR tips. Great ideas.
  14. COMMS corner: A look at PR and communications.

Branding and Image Blogs

Part of a good public relations program includes solid branding and image. A coordinated plan means that you are more likely to get the image you want consumers to see out there. You can learn tips related to building up your brand and making sure you have a good image — online and offline.

  1. The brandgym blog: Learn about branding yourself, and read examples of good and bad branding.
  2. Little blog of branding: This fun blog from Nokia offers great examples of what they do to brand themselves.
  3. Sound Branding Blog: This is an interesting blog about how audio can be part of your brand and PR efforts.
  4. Blogging for Branding: A great resource for learning about better branding.
  5. BrandFreeze: Tips on branding, PR and more.
  6. BrandTaxi Blog: Learn how to position yourself and effectively brand yourself.
  7. Brand Modeling Blog: Find ways to boost your brand and your image through brand modeling.
  8. Brand Periscope: Solid examples of good image branding, and helpful hints.
  9. The WhereBrands Blog: A look at branding with the help place.
  10. Salesfish: A look at brand marketing, and getting yourself out there.
  11. Brandings Blog: Interesting ideas for branding, along with thoughts on accomplishing successful branding.
  12. Nonprofit Branding Blog: Even if you aren’t a nonprofit, you can get good ideas.

Marketing Blogs

Many of us don’t think of marketing as part of public relations, but how you market your products and services can feed into the way you are perceived. These blogs will help you learn how to effectively market your products and services, and teach you how your brand can reach more people.

  1. Jester Creative Inc.: Creative approaches to marketing and public relations.
  2. Logic Path Marketing Blog: Get good tips and ideas.
  3. Frontline Results: An interesting look at marketing and trends.
  4. Web Marketing Blog: Helpful information about marketing trends, as well as real life examples and ideas.
  5. SEO Marketing Blog: Learn more about marketing and PR on the web.
  6. Lifecycle Marketing Blog: A great blog about marketing your business using the lifecycle approach.
  7. blog: Marketing ideas, insights and more.
  8. Footprints: Helpful hints related to marketing and public relations.
  9. blog: Real life examples to help you with marketing.
  10. Howell Marketing Strategies: Get some ideas for effective marketing.

Social Media Blogs

One of the most important aspects of public relations these days is cultivating the right image using social media. Social media is an important consideration when it comes to connecting with your audience, and finding new consumers. Social media blogs can help you build a good profile — and even provide tips for building online community.

  1. Plenty of insights on social media, as well as search engine optimization.
  2. Beth’s Blog: Looks at how nonprofits can use social media for PR.
  3. Social Media Examiner: Latest social media trends that can help you with marketing yourself.
  4. Socialized: A look at social media marketing and PR.
  5. Social Media Systems blog: Using social media to improve your visibility.
  6. Our Social Times: A look at how you can make social media work for you and your company.
  7. SEO & Social Media Marketing: Learn more about how to improve your image online, using social media and other online PR techniques.
  8. NewMediaPlus: A look at what’s happening with companies in the world of social media and marketing.
  9. inBlurbs: Learn more about building your social media profile and more about using social media to help your brand image.
  10. Social Media and Marketing Blog: Find out more about social media, and learn more about how to use it more effectively as you grow your business.
  11. SocialSpark: Find out more about using social media as part of your public relations and marketing efforts.
  12. JustinFreid: Find out more about how you can use social media for your PR efforts.
  13. EvoMantra: Helpful hints on first impressions, image and PR with social media.
  14. Klik Marketing: Learn more about using social media to let others know your brand, and help your image.

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