When you broach the academic subject of communications, you’ll find that it’s a very broad one. Communications impact every area of business and academia, and even if our specialty isn’t communications, we all need to be effective communicators in order to be successful in our chosen fields.

So, whether you’re pursuing a specialty in communications, or you simply want to improve your skills as an oral or written communicator, these 21 courses can help you. All of these courses in communications are free and they are offered by some of the foremost universities in the country.

  1. Communicating with Data: Use data communications to help explain, negotiate and report to other members of your organization.
  2. Competitive Decision Making and Negotiation: Learn to negotiate and make decisions in a competitive environment.
  3. Communication for Managers: Teaches writing and speaking skills necessary for a management position.
  4. Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching Seminar: This seminar gives students opportunities to hone business communication skills through activities.
  5. Advanced Managerial Communication: Advanced course in managerial communications. Learn to communicate with peers and subordinates in a business setting.
  6. Building and Leading Effective Teams: Communicate effectively within your team to help build them and lead them.
  7. Communication Skills for Academics: Learn to effectively communicate in an academic setting.
  8. Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation: A class in speaking in public from MIT.
  9. Language and Communication Essay: Learn to write persuasive and informational essays in this course from Western Governor’s University.
  10. Research, Writing and Oral Presentation: This course from Western Governor’s University will help you put together and present an effective presentation.
  11. Speaking and Critical Listening Skills: This course from MIT teaches you important listening skills as well as speaking skills.
  12. Effective Workplace Writing: Learn how to write effectively for the workplace, by exploring rhetorical awareness and user centered design of your documents.
  13. Using Internet Communications: This course from University of Massachusetts explores the use of the internet for communication and teaches methods of communicating professional through this medium.
  14. Language and Communication: Research: Learn principles of research and communications of research findings in this course from Western Governor’s University.
  15. Designing Technical Documents: This course can be helpful if you need to communicate through technical documentation. This course is offered by Carnegie Mellon University.
  16. Technology for Professional Writers: Learn the tools of the writing trade in this class from Utah State University. This course will help you ensure that you can employ all the latest technology in your writing to make it easier and faster as well as help you produce a more effective end result.
  17. Writing Mechanics: This course from Perdue refreshes your basic writing skills, including sentence structure and parts of speech and voice. Remember what it means to write in active voice? First person? This course refreshes your memory and improves your writing.
  18. Grammar: Another class from Perdue to help sharpen your writing skills, this class focuses on grammar.
  19. Punctuation: This course from Perdue refreshes your writing skills by over viewing punctuation. Punctuation is one of those subjects that we think we all fully understand; however, it can be confusing to remember when to use a comma versus a semicolon, etc. This course will help you remember the rules of punctuation.
  20. Visual Rhetoric: This course from Perdue focuses on rhetorical theories of visual and graphic displays of information. You will learn about working with color and designing slide presentations. In this course, you’ll learn to make presentations that are visually pleasing as well as informative.
  21. Professional Technical Writing: Sharpen your skills in writing technical documents with this course from Perdue.

    You can learn a lot about writing, creating presentations and public speaking just from taking these open courseware classes online.

As you can see, you’ll be learning from some of the best courses and schools in the country. Every person in academia and in business can benefit from sharp communication skills, so be sure to take advantage of these classes as a way to hone your own skills as a communicator.

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